Hot Wheels Exclusive

An Exclusive Hot Wheels® Diecast Collection

Drakes Supermarkets is the largest independent grocery retailer in Australia with over 60 stores across South Australia and Queensland.

This consumer campaign is the continuation of a series of exclusive Mattel partnerships that TCP has implemented for Drakes with a first to market 15-part exclusive Hot Wheels® diecast collection featuring unique designs of the #1 global toy brand not available elsewhere in Australia.

From 4th October until 17th November 2023, customers were offered a free Hot Wheels® diecast car with every $60 spent in one eligible transaction at all participating Drakes Supermarkets.

The 15 Hot Wheels® diecast cars were released as 3 different mixes on a staggered basis during the in-store promotional period to ensure customers made multiple visits to complete the collection.

 1.2 million Hot Wheels® diecast units were produced in total.

Additional exclusive Hot Wheels® merchandise including a range of adult and children’s apparel, collector cases and staff uniforms were produced through TCP to support the promotion.


Over 1.1 million Hot Wheels® diecast redeemed in total

Over 20,000 Hot Wheels® diecast cars redeemed per day

Year on year average basket spend over $60 increased by 13.7 %

Year on year average weekly sales increased by 8.6%

Year on year average weekly customer volumes increased by 5.9%

Year on year average weekly basket size increased by 5.8%

Marketing & Creative Services provided
  • Content licensing & IP approval
  • Artwork & design
  • Production management
  • Supporting merchandise production
  • Scale out fulfilment & global logistics
  • Affinity partnership & brand strategy with Mattel and Drakes Supermarkets